AT Consulting supports an ethical and responsible development that aims to put the economy back at the service of people and not the other way around. More than a billion people suffer from extreme poverty, and as often, the first victims are children. For these reasons, we encourage all initiatives to combat malnutrition and poverty. We believe that our children are our future, and because we have the same values, we want to develop and support partnerships between Africa and parts of the world, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, which have a strong experience in development that Africa could draw on.

Le président d'AT Consulting, avec le Cheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, Président du Forum pour la Promotion de la Paix dans le Monde Islamique, et ancien vice-président de l’Union Mondiale des Savants Musulmans.

President of AT Consulting, together with His Eminence Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah, President of the Forum for the Promotion of Peace in the Islamic World and former Vice-President of the World Union of Muslim Scholars.

“We are convinced that development, respecting traditions and peoples, generates peace and social stability.  AT Consulting, in this way, tends to promote inter-religious dialogue, particularly through men of peace and good will who do not hesitate to take a stand in resolving conflicts. We support the figures who are committed to promoting the values of tolerance and brotherhood, emphasize what brings people together in their humanity, and see diversity as a source of wealth”. Alioune TRAORE – President of AT Consulting.


We care about the dangerous consequences of climate change. We have chosen to promote sustainable growth, compatible with people’s traditions without threatening ecosystems. AT Consulting therefore attaches particular importance to renewable energies, exploitable in abundance in our regions of action. We are working to improve basic sanitary conditions for water and electricity by encouraging the development of clean, modern and efficient distribution networks.

AT Consulting considers that Education for All is the priority of this century, especially girls’ Education in disadvantaged areas. We support equal opportunities for men and women, literacy and access to knowledge to enable people to cope with recurrent health problems, such as child mortality, and ensure a future for children who will become the African leaders of tomorrow.

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