AT Consulting Group offers its expertise in different fields:

  • Political and economic strategies
  • Finance and investment consulting
  • Sustainable energy
  • Raw materials / agricultural goods (coffee, cocoa, cereals…)
  • Raw materials / energy and metals (oil, gas, mining…)
  • Infrastructure development
  • Information and communication technology
  • Organisation of international conferences

AT Consulting brings its geopolitical expertise to the States, Governments, International Organizations, NGOs, multinationals and investment funds that request our services. Our teams provide you with over 40 years of proven diplomatic and political experience. We advise you on the best strategies for negotiating and resolving conflicts for your benefit.

Africa is the continent with the largest urban growth on the planet. Some African capitals are growing, facing the challenge of changing their organizational and infrastructure management models linked to booming sectors. However, although market forecasts often look hopeful in several parts of the continent, not all political situations are alike. Some of the traps are often hidden and can significantly alter the investment horizons initially planned. AT Consulting offers its expertise in African markets and its knowledge of growth sectors to companies and investment funds, while providing the geopolitical elements necessary to guarantee the security and sustainability of your investment.

In an ever-changing economic environment, the best information is needed quickly and efficiently. Beyond its international network of consultants, AT Consulting considers that it is essential to be physically present in Africa. We are therefore in direct contact with our partners. Thanks to our knowledge of the terrain, we are familiar with cultural realities that can often escape the uninitiated. AT Consulting favours reactivity and adapts its best strategies, at the best time, to ensure the success of your projects.

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